The lab’s nanopore sequencing papers, recent preprints and recently published papers are listed on the right.

A full list of Kat’s papers is available via Google Scholar.

Blog posts on past papers:

• Global genomic framework for typhoid (Nature Communications)

Evolution of atypical enteropathogenic E. coli by repeated acquisition of LEE pathogenicity island variants (Nature Microbiology)

 Genomic analysis of diversity, population structure, virulence, and antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae, an urgent threat to public health (PNAS)

• Phylogeographical analysis of the dominant multidrug-resistant H58 clade of SalmonellaTyphi identifies inter- and intracontinental transmission events (Nature Genetics)

• The Infant Nasopharyngeal Microbiome Impacts Severity of Lower Respiratory Infection and Risk of Asthma Development (Cell Host & Microbe)

• SRST2: Rapid genomic surveillance for public health and hospital microbiology labs (Genome Medicine)

Beginner’s Guide to Bacterial Genomics (Microbial Informatics & Experimentation)

• Combined high-resolution genotyping and geospatial analysis reveals modes of endemic urban typhoid fever transmission (Open Biology)

• Shigella sonnei genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis indicate recent global dissemination from Europe (Nature Genetics)

• Tracking the establishment of local endemic populations of an emergent enteric pathogen (PNAS)


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